Design Inspiration


Inspirational photos of fixtures. Click thumbnails for product details.

Helix HO- Reception

Helix HO- Reception 2

Helix HO- Custom Conference Room Lighting

Helix HO - Custom Conference Room Lighting 2

Helix HO- Office Space

Helix HO- Office Space 2

Helix HO- Office Space 3

Helix HO- Office Space 4

Helix HO- Office Space 6

Helix HO - Office Space 7

Helix HO- Office Space 8

Gripple - Octagon and Fan

Gipple- Conference Room

Gripple-PLY Square

Gripple- PLY Fan

Acoustic Lighting-Gym Install

Parking Garage- Linear Pendant Lighting

Recessed Linear Lighting

Architectural Flat Panels

Coffee Bar- Custom Fixture

Interior Fusion Office

PLY Series- Custom Fixtures

LED Wraparound

Recessed Linear

Rectangular Linear Pendant

Linear Pendant


College of Healthcare Prof- 1

College of Healthcare Prof- 2

College of Healthcare Prof- 3

College of Healthcare Prof- 4