Series MDFH-HC6ICA - 6" IC Type Horizontal Double Wall Housing



MDFH-HC6ICA is an IC type 6” aperture housing for (1) or (2) horizontal CFL lamps. This CFL downlight is designed for insulated ceilings and can be in direct contact with ceiling insulation. This AIR-TIGHT housing design prevents airfl ow through ceiling for saving heating and air conditioning costs. The MDFH-HC6ICA offers a wide choice of trim typesincluding refl ector, lensed and wall wash trims.

  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Housing adjusts for ceilings up to 1 - 1/4” thick. Refl ector
  • Anodized clear, gold, champagne, pewter color fi nished full reflectors. And anodized refl ectors with black or white milled groove baffl e collar. Junction Box
  • Listed for through branch circuit wiring. (Max.8 No 12 AWG 90OC branch circuit conductors. (4 in, 4 out)
  • (5)1/2” knockouts with true pry-out slots and (4) knockouts with Romex cable clamp.
  • Ground wire provided on J-box. Bar Hangers
  • 24” Bar Hangers provide stability and support on joists and T-Bar Grid ceilings.
  • Housing can be positioned at any point within 24” joist span.
  • Score lines allow “tooless” shortening for 12” joists. Bar hangers may be repositioned 90 degrees.
  • Integral T-bar clips snaps onto T-bars and no additional clips are required. Trim Ring
  • White plastic ring or plated chrome, stain nickel, natural steel color ring. Socket
  • G240Q/GX24Q socket for use 4 pin DTT, TTT lamps Lamps
  • Compact Fluorescent lamps. * DTT-Double twin tube (Quad/CFQ) - (1) or (2) 13W DTT (4 pin) - (1) or (2) 18W DTT (4 pin) * TTT-Triple Twin Tube (CFTR) - (1) 32W TTT (4 pin) - (1) 42W TTT (4 pin) Ballast
  • Class P Thermally protected by internal fuse (3 amp fast blow), Multi-volt electronic ballast or thermal cut-out switch in magnetic ballast.
  • High Power Factor Multi-volt Electronic ballasts for 4 pin type compact fluorescent lamps mounted on J-box door for easy access from inside of fi xture