Series FHBI - Industrial Fluorescent HiBay Open Frame



The FHBI series open frame fl uorescent high bay is a fully accessorized open frame fi xture perfect for warehouse lighting. Premium full specular mirrored refl ectors provide effi cient lighting and maximum throw for medium to high mount applications. Built tough for industrial applications. Fully accessorized.

SIZE W x L x H in inches
4 lamp: 14.25W x 48L x 3.25D (370 x 1220 x 80)
6 lamp: 21.25W x 48L x 3.25D (540 x 1220 x 80)
8 lamp: 28.25W x 48L x 3.25D (720 x 1220 x 80)
10 lamp: 35.3W x 48L x 3.25D 12 lamp: 42.25W x 48L x 3.25D

4 point chain mount (HC101 accessory available)
2 point long chain mount (HC202 or HC203 acc available)
2 point stem mount-1/2” -no accessories required
Single point mount (7HBD accessory available)
Not designed for surface mounting on ceiling or wall.

Galvanized steel body. Code gauge. Lamps secured in twist lock lamp holders. Premium, full specular mirrored refl ector with protective film. Multiple KOs and access plate on back for rapid wiring. Fixture efficiency greater than 83%.

LAMP 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 T8, T5HO or T55 lamp positions