RPL - Two Inch Parabolic T5



Three light T5 parabolic provides high efficient lighting in less than two inches of depth. Recessed or surface mounting. Housing is die-formed and embossed code 22 gauge steel. Luminaire body finish is high reflectance baked white enamel, with matte white reflectors. Wiring knockouts are provided on the back of housing. White steel blades (WSB). Fixture and ballast UL Listed. Ballast thermally protected, class P HPF, Non PCB

  • Size: 23.7” x 23.7” x 1.78”
  • Unique aesthetic comibines dedicated louvers with seamless perforated face
  • Excellent glare control for spaces where computers are in use: RP-1 compliant
  • 1.78” deep ultra-shallow housing frees up plenum space, fits into tight areas and is easy to handle and install
  • 3 lamp position
  • Recessed inverted T-bar ceilings. Grid mount or surface mount.
  • Ideal for 8’ x 8’ and 8’ x 10’ spacings
  • T5 or T5HO technology offers an exceptional lumen package
  • Dedicated louvers create an optical envelope to provide maximum contribution from each lamp