L66 - Recessed, Surface or Pendant Mount


Specification grade, modular linear lighting luminaire in a geomtric 6 inch shape. For use in indoor applications where individual or continuous lighting is desired for general or perimeter lighting applications. The LI66 LED Series is available in surface, pendant (suspended) or recessed. Recessed LI66 Series are available for T-bar installation without a fl ange or for fl anged construction for sheetrock installation. Pendant and surface mount configurations allow direct light only. Pendant mounted fixtures can be used with cable kits or rigid stem kits specifi ed separately. Surface and pendant fixtures can be painted in a variety of finishs for the right look for your application.

  • 6.0W x 6.0H (See Dimensions)
  • Various lenses lie on the side flanges
  • 6’ and 8’ units have a steel mullion to join two individual diffusers
  • Baffled louver is available to shield glare
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L23R-L44R-L66R Installation
L23RF - L44RF - L66RF Installation
L23RR - L44RR- L66RR Installation